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Working with many industrial and commercial sectors for over 20 years, we at Sonic Steel have acquired irreplaceable expertise in our outstanding array of wire-based products with our machinery, which are kept in prime condition through regular maintenance to ensure our jobs are on time and to specification.

Wire Rods in Coil
Wire Based Products

As one of the prime wire rod suppliers in Sri Lanka, our wire rods are in dynamic use in the construction sector and for a host of other product applications such as fencing materials, nails, pins through to many engineering applications. Our wire rods are sourced from world class steel mills.

Product Specification
Wire Based Products
Straightened Wire Rods
Wire Based Products

Sonic Steel houses the most comprehensive range of wire straightening machines in Sri Lanka, 100% dedicated to meeting the straightened wire rod requirements of our customers, with our most up-to-date machine capable of processing a variety of applications in construction industry and for engineering purposes.

Wire Based Products
Nail Wires
Wire Based Products

We take great pride in meeting large capacity nail wire needs, from stand-alone machines to fully automated process lines. We have an in-depth understanding of the market situation and the challenges that our customers face.

Our nail wire is drawn from mild steel wire rods using a vigorous process called wire drawing. The manufacturing product range of nail wire covers from 2.00mm to 5.60mm in diameters. Tensile strength of the wire and coil weight can be maintained as per the required specifications.

Product Specification
Wire Based Products
Applications of Nail Wire

The nail wire are used for the manufacturing of Common Nail wires & Collated Wire Nails

  • Common Wire Nails
  • Collated Wire Nails
Wire Nails
Wire Based Products

The core strength of Sonic Steel Industries is our pioneer product category, Wire Nails which we have mastered, in both manufacturing and supply since 2002. Empowered by our SLS & ISO Certifications for nail manufacturing, we offer iron wire nail ranging from 1 inch to 6 inch (14Gauge to 5Gauge) for various end applications, providing exceptional size with high quality and unparalleled durability

We produce Common wire nails and Collated wire nails for both the local and international markets.

Wire Based Products
Wire Based Products
Product Specifications
Wire Based Products
Applications of Wire Nails

Our wire nails are used is in various settings and purposes, ranging from commercial to residential and infrastructure construction, household uses, assembly of wooden pallets, for wooden houses and slab form work.

  • Construction
  • Wooden Pallet
  • House Hold
  • Slab Form-work
  • Wooden House
Welded Mesh (Concrete Reinforcement)
Wire Based Products

Our wire nails are used is in various settings and purposes, ranging from commercial to residential and infrastructure construction, household uses, assembly of wooden pallets, for wooden houses and slab form work. As the only manufacturer who produces both plain and indented BRC welded wire mesh in Sri Lanka, complying with BS 4483:2005, Sonic BRC Welded Wire Mesh offer better strength, integration and crack resistance compared with other wire mesh products. They are manufactured from plain and indented wires that are welded together using pneumatic welding machines. Providing better anchorage and crack control, our pneumatic welding machines assures uniform spacing of wires and consistent cross sectional areas without loss of strength and dimension.

Sonic BRC mesh provides the perfect quality, conforming to industry standards and is made from 6mm and 8mm wires with the welded bond at intersections (without reducing tensile strength of wire). It boasts of shear strength of 80% of the mesh yield strength, which is 540 Mpa, compared to manually fabricated mesh which only has the strength of 300Mpa.

Our ribbed mesh also guarantees to increase the bond characteristic of steel (by approx. 40% higher than plain bar reinforcement).

Applications of B.R.C Mesh

Wire mesh is mainly used in the building construction industry.

Its key applications and usage embed its ability to act as a preventive cover against cracks on slabs & ground floor, strengthen and holds retaining walls, provides strength for culverts, retention of damn or reservoir walls and in precast products.

Wire Based Products
Product Specifications
Wire Based Products
Applications of B.R.C Welded Mesh
  • Ground Floor & Slab
  • Retaining Wall
  • Culverts
  • Precast Products
  • Dam Retaining Wall
Standard size

Standard mesh sizes are generally available ex-stock whilst special engineered mesh sizes can be produced on request. We ensure that every panel is produced accurately, cost-effectively and on time.

Wire Based Products
GI Barbered Wire (Hot Dipped)
Wire Based Products
Wire Based Products

GI Barbed wire is generally used for protection and for demarcating the border for properties and residential buildings. It consists of two strands of wire twisted together with barbs placed at a pre-determined distance (3 – 6 inches). Sonic manufacture GI Barbed Wire using imported GI wires from world class steel mills in India, Taiwan & China.

Specifications & Standards
Wire Based Products
Advantages of SONIC Barbed Wire
  • Uniform thickness of wire with longer barbs at a standard distance.
  • Withstands corrosion / Rusting even in harsh conditions.
  • Extremely Strong and flexible.
  • Compatible with every bundle for easy handling.
Applications of GI Barbed Wire
  • Field fence
  • Industry
  • Agriculture
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Express ways & Trees
Sonic Steel Industries (Pvt) Ltd

Sonic Steel Industries (Pvt) Ltd is a remarkable success story in the steel industry of Sri Lanka. With an annual capacity of over 25,000 metric tonnes, the country’s leading manufacturer, also innovates & distributes wire based products such as Plain Steel Rods, Nail Wire, Wire Nails and BRC Welded Mesh. With a renowned track record as one of the largest importers of Cold Rolled Steel Coils & sheets and Prime Electro Galvanized Steel Coils & Sheets in Sri Lanka

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